SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Interested in Customers Finding You Online?

Consumers are searching for services online more than ever before, and that will only increase. Louise Street Marketing Inc. understands that SEO can seem difficult for small businesses to commit to. That is why we have come out with an affordable SEO package for small businesses.


$300 /month

✓ 5 Keyword Suggestions
✓ 20 Tracked Keywords
✓ Content Creation (500 words)
✓ Technical SEO
✓ Link Building
✓ Advanced Reporting


$500 /month

✓ 10 Keyword Suggestions
✓ 50 Tracked Keywords
✓ Content Creation (1000 words)
✓ Technical SEO
✓ Link Building
✓ Advanced Reporting


$1000 /month

✓ 15 Keyword Suggestions
✓ 100 Tracked Keywords
✓ Content Creation (1500 words)
✓ Technical SEO
✓ Link Building
✓ Advanced Reporting

*All contracts require an initial 3-month commitment.

Case Study: Local Tree Estimates

Louise Street Marketing Inc. has been working alongside Kitchener Tree Removal Company “Local Tree Estimates” over the past few months. Through a custom SEO package, we have been able to build out both their local lead generation as well as local and international traffic to their blog.

Huge Increase in Google Ranking

Initially, LTE (Local Tree Estimates) was struggling with its local city-specific ranking and looking for a way to generate more leads. We did a full content overhaul on their main Kitchener lead generation webpage (here).

Improved Visibility

After analyzing local search engine opportunities and competitor keywords we created content better suited and optimized for Kitchener Waterloo tree removal. In turn, we were able to greatly increase click-through rate and search visibility.

More Genuine Traffic

Through proper search engine optimization, we are able to show Google a website’s authority, trustworthiness, and expertise. Local Tree Estimates was able to generate more authentic and targeted traffic and significantly improve their overall website analytics.

High-Quality Blog Content

Working alongside LTE we created and updated custom blog content to help them expand their reach. Two blogs in particular that stood out were How long does it take for a tree to grow and How to grow a persimmon tree from a seed.

Brand Awareness Strategy

After optimizing meta tags for higher click-through rates (an increase of +50%) we were able to push brand awareness (impressions) to a new level. We grew the impressions by almost 500%.

Blazing Website Speeds

Through our optimized hosting plus plan and on-page speed optimization we were able to cut LTE’s on-page speed by more than half. This dramatically improves user experience has lead to more conversions and form submissions.

Top-Quality Core Web Vitals

Coming May 2021, Google will be rolling out its new major algorithm update for search ranking. This will focus on your Core Web Vitals (which can be tested here). If your web vitals aren’t up to standard then your ranking will suffer as a result.

Major Updates Coming to SEO

Google’s May 2021 Algorithm Update will be specifically targeting websites that have poor Core Web Vitals. If your website’s Core Web Vitals fall into the following range you should consider improving SEO sooner than later:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): +1200 milliseconds
Total Blocking Time (TBT): +150 milliseconds
Cumulative Layout Shift: +0.1

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